A bit of history

The winery is located in the area between Bassano del Grappa and Asolo in the “Misquile” territory.

Since 1925, the Sancolodi winery has been making esteemed wines in a part of Italy that is well-known in this industry.

At the end World War I and after the parcelling off of land that had once been an airfield, Nicolò Sancolodi began forming a vineyard, cultivating his own grapes and those typical of the Triveneto area in order to make wine.

Today, thanks to the hard work, industriousness and proven skill passed down first to Nicolò’s son Giovanni and then to grandson Gastone and finally to Filippo, the third generation, the company has 3,000 square metres of active productive facilities strengthened by the most advanced technologies that help enhance the organoleptic characteristics of their wines.

The grapes are carefully selected from the family’s vineyards. And Sancolodi also has arrangements with other winemakers to provide further quantities of grapes. The company is continuously working to carry out research on native grape varieties, and is seeing great results, which can be tasted in the Merlot della Barbarina, the Vespaiolo, the Prosecco di Treviso known as “Sarto”, the sparkling Glera and the Cabernet Sauvignon.