Glera of Veneto

Production area : Glera is found in the Mussolente area.
Altitude: 117 metres above sea level
Type of Terrain: medium texture, mostly clay.
Training system: Double Guyot
Harvest: Second ten days of September.
Production method: The grapes are machine harvested. White wine vinification begins with soft pressing; select yeast is added, fermentation occurs at a controlled temperature of 14° C (57° F) for 15 days. This is followed by racking and ageing the base wine in temperature-controlled containers until the second fermentation.
Second fermentation: The Charmat method is used; re-fermentation in autoclave takes place using select yeast at 16° C (61° F).
Maturation:In the bottle for 30 days.
Sensory characteristics: The colour is straw-yellow; in the mouth, it is slightly sweet, has good body and is pleasantly fruity.
Food pairing: This prosecco is perfect for an aperitif. Because of its distinct freshness, it can be served for any occasion.
Service temperature 5-8 °C (41-46° F)

Technical Data:
Alcohol content: 11 by volume
Acidity: 5.5 g/lt.
Total Dry Extract: 16 g/lt.
Sugars: 13 g/lt.
Pressure: 2.9 bar

Available with either corks or caps.